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(Cheats for PC Emulator games)
       with full instructions

This is the Cheat-Code R, for beginners.   If you're already familiar with P.C. Emulation, Game Genie, and Action Replay codes- Please visit the simple version of this page for FASTER reference:

Hacks & Cheat Codes for P.C. Emulation

   The following links feature original Action Replay codes optimized for P.C. emulators.  They differ from Game Genie codes, and are written in hexidecimal form (meaning 00 thru FF lines).   Essentially, these are the most effective cheats you can find.   The primary supported systems are GENS (an emulator designed to play Sega Genesis games on your Home Computer) FCEU Ultra (an emulator which plays Nintendo 8-bit ROMS for your P.C.) and SNES9x (an emulator which plays Super Nintendo games/Roms on your computer) as well as ZSNES.  

    The codes are also fully compatible with varying emulators.  Such examples include FCEUx, and GENS Surreal.    There are additional game code lists below which feature Game Genie codes, passwords, hacks, and other cheats.  

   The complete links to all codes (listed above) for Gens32 Surreal,  SNES9x,  and FCEUx.
                        This conveniently brings you to any page from A to Z.

The Game Genie codes are for Game Consoles, and for PC, as well.  These codes are generally far less effective than the above lists.  However, nonetheless:  the below lists can still be handy.  Just remember,  PC Emulators are optimized to accept the above lists. 
....While inputting the (Game Genie) codes below are less user-friendly.

  ♥Game Genie♥ Quick Access lists:
note:  Gameboy & GameGear codes are optimized for your original Hand-held system
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Seth S. (From The Most Comprehensive Code Collection).   Used with permission.


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